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  • Private equity

    About Xsab

    Xsab Portfolio Management received its license from the Capital Market Authority under CMA register 457/2008. It all began in year 2000 when El Sayad Group started a private investment desk to run the surplus liquidity within El Sayad Family & their %100 ownership companies. This desk was developed even more in 2004 upon signing a business partnership agreement with the world renowned Saxo Bank.

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  • Asset Management

    About El Sayad Group

    El Sayad Group has an outstanding track record and a longstanding presence, due to its major role in both the commercial and the industrial sectors in Egypt since its establishment in 1935 as a family business of medium size.

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  • Corporate Finance
  • Brokerage

    Board Members

    Meet our Experienced board members

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  • Arrangement

    Portfolio Management

    Portfolio management refers to the process of managing professionally many securities such as bonds, shares etc. Such services are provided by investment managers aiming at achieving certain goals for the benefits of the investors.

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  • Advise

    International Capital Market

    Forex is considered the biggest market among all financial markets due to its characteristics and unique attributes. It allows traders to buy and sell distinct currency pairs. No commission is charged per trade, the broker is compensated through the buy and sell price differential – commonly known as the “spread”. Nowadays the size of trading foreign exchange is more than 3.5 trillion dollar per day.

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  • Save

    Egyptian Stock Market

    The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) dates back to more than 100 years, for Alexandria Stock Exchange was established in 1883 while Cairo Stock Exchange was established in 1903.

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International Capital Market

Forex Market :

  • Forex Trading on 145+ Forex currency crosses
  • Forex Options for ~40 currency pairs, Gold and Silver options.
  • Forex Forward

Stocks and CFDs :

  • 16 Index-tracking CFDs for major indices
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Commodities
  • Stocks on margin (CFDs) from 23 exchanges and 16 index-tracking CFDs
  • Stocks from 22 exchanges

Futures Trading :

  • Gold and Silver precious metals
  • Financial futures
  • Crude oil and natural gas energies
  • 400+ online Futures Contracts

Bonds :

  • Trading of a wide range of Sovereign, Government, and Corporate bonds in USD, EUR ad GBP.